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The design of a stained glass window or door may be abstract or figurative and it adds a beautiful energy and ambiance to your home. Whether you desire increased privacy or a stained glass design that decorates without blocking the view, Glass Expression can help! 

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Choose your model, your caming options and your type of glass.


You have five Options to choose from!


Choose your combination of textured glass.


Glass-Expression offers a 10 years warranty. 

Caming Options

Caming is the process of joining cut pieces of art glass through the use of came strips into specific designs. The framework is then soldered.


Black Chrome



Pure Lead

Types of Glass


The ART GLASSES used in the making of our decorative sealed units may show certain variations in the pattern, light air bubble and channeled glass which are integral part of the product.

Privacy Guide


Glass Expression offers an extensive line of designs. Most of our designs are rated from 7 to 9. Since we can customize any design, we can modify the privacy level in order to suit your needs by choosing different types of glass in the glass assembly process.







Rough Roll








Glue Chip







Decorative glass inserts technical info – Terminology

Transom window:

Window that sits on a transom, that piece of wood on top of a door. A simpler way of defining a transom window is a window above a door.

Leaded glass window :

Similar to the wrought iron window, the artist uses the same technique to put lead around the glass to form a complete decorative panel.


Decorative windows on the side of an entry door that matches its style.

Stained glass:

Glass that has been colored using various processes which is used in manufacturing decorative windows. Glass Expression offers quite a wide variety of styles. Feel free to check our catalogue.


Process of joining cut pieces of art glass through the use of came strips into specific designs. The framework is then soldered.

Decorative Glass inserts :

Glass that is inserted into the window casing to replace a damaged glass. The original casing remains in place and Glass Expression crew ensures the insert is correctly sealed. Different techniques exist to style the glass insert, such as caming and wrought iron, and where different privacy levels are made available.

Integrated blinds :

Blinds that are inserted and sealed in a thermal pane at the manufacture. It requires a special mechanism (usually magnetic) to operate them.

Wrought iron:

Malleable iron which allows the artist to build a pattern around the glass.

Thermo panes :

Thermo panes, also called thermal panes, are bifold windows offering different degree of insulation. These panes are sealed and inserted into the window casing. It is, most of the time, more advantageous to replace the thermal pane insert when the seal is defective. A defective thermo pane can be seen when fog is forming between the glass panels.


Glass Expression offers a 10 years warranty on its insulated glass panel. This warranty is effective from the date of the sale and relates to the presence of the material obstruction of vision (i.e. moisture from within the insulated unit caused by failure of hermetic seal.) Exceptions to the above warranty are:


  • Units have either exterior pieces of glass broken

  • Units subjected to moisture accumulation due to improper weeping of the glazing system:

    • Excessive vibration

    • Twisted within opening

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