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Decorative glass, Integrated blinds, Door cutting & Thermal pane replacement

Decorative glass windows and transom windows

We often hear people ask if it is best to replace the entire window instead of just the glass insert. This is not an easy question because several factors will play into the equation. How old is the house? Was there quality material used in the first place? How well was it maintained? What material are the old windows made of? Pretty tough to find the answer just by looking at your windows and front door, right?

If you are not sure, seeking advise is often the best approach one can take. Our experienced staff would be able to provide an assessment of the state of your windows and let you know if it would be best to replace the entire casing or just the glass inserts. Most of the time, replacing the glass panels will do.

Decorative glass windows come in a variety of style, size, shape, pattern, privacy rating and color. Our catalogue shows a wide selection from which you can choose to match the style of your house.

If your windows are not of a standard size, Glass-Expression will build a custom version of your preferred model. View our gallery to see what we have already done. We can customize leaded glass window, leaded glass transom and sidelights, wrought iron and stained glass to meet your requirements.

Glass-expression will cut your door if needed to accommodate for the inserts. If you have a solid door but would like to transform it to a half solid door with a decorative glass panel in the upper part, this is not uncommon and very easy to do.

View our process to read more of how we do it and (especially) why it is not a good idea to do it yourself.

Thermal Pane Replacement

Themal pane (also called thermo pane) is a bifold window offering a certain degree of insulation, which varies depending on the quality of the window.

When you have foggy window, it means that the seal isolating the two panes of the bifold is damaged, letting humid air between the two panes, which will eventually condensed on the inside of the window panes, giving this foggy appearance.

Replacing glass inserts is fairly common in the construction industry. No need to replace the casing (most of the time). Foggy window repair is much cheaper than replacing the whole window and it is as good.

Glass-expression has done several thermal pane replacements in the past. We do have a great deal of experience and we are confident that we can provide your window with a new look, at a very reasonable price.
Give us a call to get a quote on thermo replacements.

Glass Expression Mobile Showroom



Door Cutting

Thinking of replacing your front door?

There might be a cheaper way of improving the appearance of your house.

Rather than replacing your front door, it is possible to cut a door to accommodate for a decorative glass insert.

From our catalogue, select the model of decorative glass insert you would like to see in your front door. You can choose from a standard door glass insert size or a custom version.

Our mobile showroom will go to your place and show you, on-site, the chosen model an discuss the various options that you have. Our experienced team provide advise on the best approach and the most cost effective way to improve the look of your entry door.

Integrated blinds for doors


Windows with internal Venetian blinds are becoming more and more popular as they offer the advantage of remaining clean at all time. Very easy to maintain, they are not gathering dust because they are integrated in a double glazed pane, which makes it even more convenient when comes time to clean the window.

A big advantage of the integrated blinds in glass is that they are safer for young children as there are no strings left hanging. And by the same token, it eliminates the risks of damaging the blinds.

We offer a wide variety of integrated blinds. Consult our catalogue and see for yourself!

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