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Important notice about glass types

The ART GLASSES used in the making of our decorative sealed units may show certain variations in the pattern, light air bubble and channeled glass which are integral part of the product.

Privacy Guide

Glass Expression offers an extensive line of designs. Most of our designs are rated from 7 to 9. Since we can customize any design, we can modify the privacy level in order to suit your needs by choosing different types of glass in the glass assembly process.

The following pictures were taken in a controlled environment. The subject (flower bouquet) is placed at 12 inches behind the glass. It allows you to visualise the variation of clarity amongst them. In order to achieve the desired level of privacy, we can help you choosing the right combination of textured glass.


Insulated glass panel warranty Glass-Expression offers a 10 years warranty on its insulated units. This warranty is effective from the date of the sale and relates to the presence of the material obstruction of vision (i.e. moisture from within the insulated unit caused by failure of hermetic seal.) Exceptions to the above warranty are:

  • Units have either exterior pieces of glass broken
  • Units subjected to moisture accumulation due to improper weeping of the glazing system:
    • Excessive vibration
    • Twisted within opening